Offset CTP Plate Making



    CTP plating has been widely used by large, medium and small printing factories in the offset printing industry. The printing factories are receiving no longer traditional films, but electronic design documents through various channels such as USB disk, CD or Internet.How to output these electronic documents as printing plates through CTP device? Unity Digital Workflow provides a complete prepress solution for printing factories and platemaking centers.Unity can receive PS, PDF, TIFF, EPS, and other common pre-press file formats, normalize them, and then generate a full page imposition.Unity has independently developed a variety of AM, FM, hybrid screening technologies, color management systems, curve correction modules, and monochrome dot matrix data which is made by full page impostion through screening and color separations  for CTP device to make plate.In addition, Unity also provides modules such as job management, user management, resource management, layout proofing, digital proofing, etc. for printing factory to make the pre-press process.