What are we doing for?

Printing seems to be an integrated application of equipment, materials and processes.However, it is actually a process of information transmission with the support of of halftone screening, digital and networking technologies.

We have called together a flock of experts who are good at information processing and combined with the special requirements of printing and reproductive technology to realize almost all the technical cores involved from front-end software to equipment output.

We try our best to provide the technical links which are lack in their printing field for the first-class manufacturers, in order to help them to make up the shortcomings in the whole systems. 

We are struggling tenaciously to create them now…

An enterprise without a long-term plan has no future.
Not only do we create miracles in the traditional industry, but we are also developing its future.

Printing System for GOV. , INST. and ORG.

With the rapid development of digital printing technical and official automation  system, most...

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Variable Data Printing (VDP) Technology

  In today's era of individuality, printing, as one of the visual presentation technologies, will...

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Publisher POD Application

  With the development and maturity of digital publishing, digital printing technology and logistics...

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Diligent and enterprising

Only by keeping forging ahead can we win more opportunities. We create the future with our tireless spirit of reclamation.

Opening a new market pattern with strong partners together.